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Since Propecia was launched in Japan in December 2005, the term AGA (male pattern baldness), which was unfamiliar at first, has become popular now, and the number of repeaters who have realized that Propecia works well is increasing. I am. We started prescribing on the day of launch, and up to now, we have prescribed Propecia to more than 30,000 people for the first visit alone. The amount of Propecia prescribed in the Shinjuku area is now the top share in Japan, and many people visit our hospital every day. I have summarized what I want to know about Propecia from the voices of patients and questions by e-mail as FAQ.

When is Propecia most effective during the day?
It doesn’t matter at any time, the effect of Propecia does not change. It doesn’t matter before or after a meal.
Anyway, keep taking Propecia every day. However, healthy people often forget to take medicine, so it is better to set a time and make it a habit.

I want you to prescribe a lot of Propecia at one time, is it possible to prescribe for half a year or a year?
Propecia is valid for about two and a half years, so it is possible to prescribe it for more than one year.

About Propecia prescription fee
I think it is difficult to understand the number of tablets because it is a fraction, but the sheet type has 14 tablets in one sheet, and the compact bottle contains 90 tablets in one bottle. The price is here .

Why is there no medical examination fee and the prescription fee is affordable?
In dermatology, the average fee for Propecia is about 10,000 yen for 28 tablets, including medical examination fees and prescription fees.
Even if 28 tablets are quite cheap, they may actually be quite expensive due to the addition of other nominal medical fees. Since detailed examination is not required for taking Propecia, we do not perform blood tests. We eliminate waste and prescribe medical examination fees, consultation fees, and prescription fees free of charge and only with medicines that are close to the cost. Therefore, there are many people who come to our hospital even if transportation costs are incurred from afar. Since it is a medicine that I take for a long time, I would like to continue to provide genuine Propecia at the lowest possible price.

Do I need a health insurance card to prescribe Propecia?
Propecia is an off-label drug and you cannot use your health insurance card, so you don’t need it at all. It is not common sense to use a health insurance card to prescribe off-label medications.

How does Propecia work for AGA (male pattern baldness)?
There are many substances called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the hair roots of AGA people’s hair, which causes thinning hair, but Propecia (component finasteride) inhibits (prevents) 5α-reductase, and this It suppresses the production of the causative agent DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is the hair growth and growth effect of Propecia.

If I miss a dose, will I increase the amount of Propecia for that day and drink it the next day?
You don’t have to. Take Propecia for one day without increasing.

If I take double the amount of Propecia, does it work faster and have a greater hair growth effect?
This is not the case, so take 1 tablet daily.

I heard that there is a problem with the doping test while taking it.
Propecia has been removed from the anti-doping list. (Excluded from January 2009) Athletes can use it with confidence. The latest information is here .

Can I donate blood while taking it?
Blood donation is prohibited for those taking finasteride. As in the United States, the Japanese Red Cross Society’s Blood Division will donate blood to those taking finasteride with a one-month washout period. If you donate blood without knowing this, please contact the Japanese Red Cross Society with the “identification code” and “taking Propecia” at the time of blood donation .

Can Propecia in a bottle break the tablets inside?
Banyu Pharmaceutical responded, “In the test of vibrating for 30 minutes (8,400 strokes) with a vibrator that makes 280 strokes per minute, no damage to the tablets was observed.” You don’t have to worry about cracking, so feel free to use Propecia in the bottle. Bottles are more popular than sheets at our hospital.

Should I refrain from Propecia when I drink alcohol?
There is no need to refrain from doing so.

It seems that Propecia has 0.2mg and 1mg. What is the difference?
The effect is better at 1 mg, and Propecia is standard at 1 mg worldwide. Since the prescription fee has not changed and there is no need at all, we do not handle 0.2 mg of Propecia.

Should I refrain from taking Propecia if I have a cold?
There is no problem taking it.

When I drink Propecia, is it water or hot water, what should I drink?
It doesn’t matter what you drink Propecia. It’s a small tablet, so it’s easy to take without water.

How long can you feel the effects of Propecia?
The standard effect of Propecia is more than half a year. It seems that it may be effective in about 3 months at the earliest, but please continue for at least half a year. In particular, it is said that the effect of rising to the right is from half a year to a year.

What is the actual effectiveness rate of Propecia?
The domestic clinical results of Propecia are as good as 98% of AGA after 3 years of administration. 98% of Propecia users stopped or improved their hair loss, with only 2% progressing.

What are the signs that have worked?
A typical example is the reduction of hair loss. Another good sign is that the hair grows and grows, and the hair that was sleeping with Petter stands up. My hair is getting thicker, I’m getting a habit of sleeping, I don’t mind when the wind blows, and the intervals between haircuts are getting shorter.

Can I stop it if it works?
If you stop Propecia, it will return to its original state. If you want to maintain or increase the status quo, please continue.

How long does it take to recover if it works and stops?
It’s not like suddenly from the next day. I will return slowly with an order of several months.

Worried about rumors that initial hair loss will occur at the beginning of Propecia
I sometimes get questions like this. At our hospital, there are no people who have been left worse because of that, so I think it is temporary. Please continue for more than half a year even if you exit a little early.

Propecia seems to act on androgens, but does it reduce muscle strength?
Rest assured that there are no such reports in Propecia.

It seems that ED (erectile dysfunction) is a side effect. Will this side effect appear soon?
It is after one month at the earliest. It will not suddenly appear the next day.

What should I do if I get ED as a side effect?
If it is a side effect of Propecia, stopping Propecia will cure it. If you want to continue with Propecia, you can use ED treatments such as Levitra and Viagra. There is no problem with using Propecia in combination with Levitra or Viagra.

How often does the side effect ED occur?
There aren’t many. In our clinical experience, it is about 0.2-0.3%. (2 to 3 out of 1000)

What does it mean to be dangerous if you break Propecia?
If the cracked powder enters the pregnant woman’s mouth or is absorbed through the skin, it may affect the foetation. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is also careful not to powder Propecia due to its impact on pregnant women.

Will my spouse become pregnant while taking Propecia without affecting the foetation?
As long as the man is taking coated Propecia, it’s okay.
Be very careful when prescribing powdered Propecia or crushed Propecia.

Is Propecia effective against any baldness?
Only AGA (male pattern baldness). It is a type that seems to be thin from the front and top.

There seems to be a test to see if Propecia works before taking it, but what about?
I think it’s best to take Propecia yourself and see for yourself. Is it convincing not to try a drug that is said to be effective in 98%, even if such a test determines that it is ineffective? I think it’s refreshing to give up if it’s 2% that doesn’t work.

I’m in my early twenties, is there anyone taking Propecia so young?
There are many people in their twenties at this hospital. Many people use it prophylactically. Taking Propecia is not too early for adults.

Does a health check while taking Propecia affect my results?
It does not affect general inspection. Tell your doctor, medical institution, or medical institution about Propecia when you measure your PSA level. It does not mean that you are less likely to get prostate cancer. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen and is a tumor marker for prostate cancer. Normal values ​​are less than 4, 4 to 10 are gray zones, and more than 10 may be prostate cancer and require close examination. While taking Propecia, the PSA level, which is an indicator of this prostate cancer, drops to 50%. If you have a PSA level on an adult or cancer test, tell us that you are taking Propecia. The PSA level will return to normal if the drug is stopped for 2 months.

Does Propecia Affect the Prostate?
Propecia was originally developed as a drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia. There is no negative effect. Higher units are used for benign prostatic hyperplasia. (Finasteride, the active ingredient, is a high unit of 5 times or more)

Please tell me the difference from general clinics.
Our clinic is a specialized clinic. In general clinics such as dermatologists (insurance medical treatment), the cost of medicine for Propecia is about 7,000 yen for one month, but in most cases, it costs more than 10,000 yen for one month for medical examination and prescription. I couldn’t get it out for more than a month, and I had to wait every month, which was a big financial burden. Our hospital is good at free medical care. There is no concept of initial consultation fee, re-examination fee and prescription fee like insurance medical treatment, and these are free. We do not perform unnecessary tests, and we do not charge anything other than medicine. Furthermore, Propecia is prescribed from the day of its domestic launch, and since there are so many patients who re-prescribe it, it is possible to prescribe it at a price close to the cost. Our motto is to provide quick and comfortable medical care.

I’m taking a lot of medicine, so please tell me if it’s safe.
Please use the following Propecia use security check mail service. (It’s free)
Check the safety Dr. I will reply directly from.

Use Propecia Safety check email

Propecia is a medicine that you take every day for a long time. If you have a chronic illness or are worried about taking other medicines , please contact us by e-mail form(in the works) to see if you can use it with confidence before prescribing Propecia . I will give you appropriate advice. Please write down the name of the disease or condition and the name of the drug you are using (in katakana) before sending.


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