What is AGA?

What is AGA that you often see in TV commercials and newspapers and magazines? Many people may be wondering. AGA is an abbreviation for Androgenetic Alopecia and means “male pattern baldness”. Hair thinning on the forehead and crown, which is common in adult men. AGA is found in more than 12.6 million adult men in the country, with 8 million men concerned about it, of which 6.5 million have had some care. If AGA is left progressive, hair will continue to decrease and eventually disappear.

Causes of AGA

The main causative agent of AGA (male pattern baldness) is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the hair root. AGA has confirmed a large amount of DHT in the hair loss area. DHT is made from the male hormone testosterone by 5α-reductase, and high levels of this DHT end the hair growth phase. As a result, the hair comes off before it grows into thick hair, and many thin and short hairs become thin.

Causes of AGA Figure 1

Causes of AGA Figure 2


The following prescriptions drugs are used for our treatment.