Frozin external medicine is a “medical application hair loss treatment drug” containing 5% Carpronium chloride. You can expect more effectiveness when used in combination with oral medicines such as Propecia or Zagallo. It has a vasodilatory effect on the scalp. It improves blood circulation in the hair roots, promotes hair growth, and promotes post-hair growth. Apply an appropriate amount to the scalp and massage lightly. Carpronium chloride is highly permeable to the skin and has a long-lasting dilating effect on blood vessels.

Frosin external medicine has been shown to improve alopecia by about 56%, and a synergistic effect can be expected when used in combination with AGA oral medicines such as Propecia and Zagallo. Use once or twice a day. (A guideline is to use 1 to 2 bottles a month) In addition to male alopecia, it is also used as an indication for circular alopecia, diffuse alopecia, plaque alopecia, dry fat leakage, and white spots vulgaris.

Approval number 22000AMX00191
NHI price listing September 2009
Sales start July 2008
Drug price standard listed drug code 2679701Q1055

Carpronium chloride is also contained in products such as “Karoyan” that contain the same active ingredients and can be purchased at drug stores, but the concentration is 1 to 2% and it is expensive, so “5% Frozin external medicne” is more economical. Frozin external medicine requires a doctor’s prescription and cannot be purchased directly at drug stores.

Notice: From May 2022, due to the distribution situation of pharmaceutical companies, Carpronium Chloride External Solution 5% (Choseido Ph.) will be gradually replaced with Frozin External Solution (Daiichi Sankyo). Depending on the timing of prescription, we may prescribe either of them, but please note that the active ingredients, efficacy and price are the same for both. It is also the same as “Arovix liquid”.


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