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Viagra, Levitra, Cialis prescription clinics

Founded in 1986. Reservations are NOT required. Medical examination is free.  All you have to pay is for the prescription. Insurance card is NOT required. Doctors and staff are all men.

ED treatment

Our ED treatment is a prescription for ED treatment. The mainstream of ED treatment these days is oral prescription. As for the diagnosis and treatment method of ED, after filling out a simple questionnaire, if it is diagnosed that there is no abnormality in the heart etc., ED treatment with an oral ED treatment drug will be started. Currently, three types of oral ED treatments are on the market, and as patients have more options, it is now possible to receive ED treatment that suits them better. * Since ED remedies are not aphrodisiacs, they will not erect without external sexual stimulation.

Be careful when taking oral ED treatments

Before taking any ED medication, be sure to ask your doctor to see if you can take it. If you are using nitric acid (nitroglycerin) due to heart disease, or if you are taking urinary disorders or blood pressure medication *, you cannot take ED treatment. Even if it is embarrassing to consult a doctor, it is dangerous to take it at your own discretion, so please do not put up with it. At our hospital, the receptionist and the doctor in charge are all male. You do not need a health insurance card as you will be responsible for all treatment costs (free medical care). * There are other medicines that cannot be taken with you, so please be sure to bring the medicine you are taking.

The main ED medicine in West Clinic Group







COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2) Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (swab)


(PRICE) 10,000 YEN (Incl. 5 tests)

1,819Yen/Test, Sales Tax 181Yen)


(How to get Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test)

1 Shinjuku West Clinic
2 Shibuya West Clinic
3 Telemedicine for Men
4 Telemedicine for Women

Dr. Irie      Dr. Murota     Dr. Watanabe

Reception, Medical Examination, Prescription for ED and AGA

Reception, Medical Examination, Prescription for ED and AGA

How to buy Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Propecia, and Zagallo in Japan
In Japan, All of ED and AGA medicines are prescription that you have to go to clinic to get it.
There is no concept that you purchase that over the counter under Japanese regulation.
So that, you have to go to clinic or hospital but where?
In Japan, there are two types of medical institution. One is social insurance covered and the other one is not covered. But do not worry. All of ED and AGA medicines are stated as “drug price standards not listed in Japan”. It means that non of medical institution can cover insurance. Therefore, prices are decided by each clinics. Since all thorse medicines are NOT LISTED, you can not user your health insurance. Thus, You do not show an insurance card and ID.

1) corresponding at the reception all-male staff

Reservations are not required. , Please visit directly into the clinic time. (Health insurance card is not required) accepted by the ED medical examination, medicine prescription, consultation or AGA of the medical examination, medicine prescription, or consultation, to listen to your desired. From the reception to the doctor supports an all-male staff. Since the men specialized clinic does not have is the woman to other patients.

2) Please bring if there is a medicine that drinking fill in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire current state of health and chronic disease, because there are questions about the medicine you are taking, please fill out about it. If there is a medicine that are drinking, or come ahead of the medicine name, please come to bring the medicine. Questionnaire is not to become part of our hospital electronic medical records, but you do not need to mark the personal information in detail.

3) Description of the doctor of medical examination and medicine

DOCTOR the interview, there is a description of the medicine. If there is a medicine they are taking, and the appropriate advice about the safety of the combination. For example, if you are the treatment of high blood pressure in the ED treatment drug hope, it describes such notes when used in combination with high blood pressure medicine. If you have any questions or consultation, please hear anything at the time of examination. In the case of ED treatment drug prescription, never examination of the lower body Dari take off your clothes directly.

4) comfortable quickly because the end all in the end clinic in the hospital prescription!

If there is no problem with the prescription, and prescription immediately after the medical examination. Because the hospital prescription will end in about 10 minutes from the acceptance until prescription. Since Shoshinryo and consultation fees are free it will be formulated only in cost of prescription. The payment you can also use various credit cards.

Price List of Erectile Dysfunction Prescription

Name of ED medicine Amount Price (Tax Included)
Viagra 25mg 1300Yen Famous medicine worldwide
Viagra 50mg 1500Yen Famous medicine worldwide
Viagra OD Film 25mg 450Yen dissolve on the tongue
Viagra OD Film 50mg 900Yen dissolve on the tongue
Sildenafil 25mg 390Yen and up Viagra generic
Sildenafil 50mg 770Yen and up Viagra generic
Levitra 10mg 1450Yen Immediate effect and strength
Levitra 20mg 1750Yen Immediate effect and strength
Vardenafil 10mg 1200Yen Levitra Generic
Vardenafil 20mg 1300Yen Levitra Generic
Cialis 10mg 1500Yen Lasts for 24hrs
Cialis 20mg 1650Yen Lasts for 36hrs
Tadalafil 10mg 800Yen and up Cialis Generic
Tadalafil 20mg 900Yen and up Cialis Generic


Viagra 100mg is not available in Japan.
No charge for the medical examination.
All you have to pay is for the prescription. As of 11/01/2021


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