ED treatment

Our ED treatment is a prescription for ED treatment. The mainstream of ED treatment these days is oral prescription. As for the diagnosis and treatment method of ED, after filling out a simple questionnaire, if it is diagnosed that there is no abnormality in the heart etc., ED treatment with an oral ED treatment drug will be started. Currently, three types of oral ED treatments are on the market, and as patients have more options, it is now possible to receive ED treatment that suits them better. * Since ED remedies are not aphrodisiacs, they will not erect without external sexual stimulation.

Be careful when taking oral ED treatments

Before taking any ED medication, be sure to ask your doctor to see if you can take it. If you are using nitric acid (nitroglycerin) due to heart disease, or if you are taking urinary disorders or blood pressure medication *, you cannot take ED treatment. Even if it is embarrassing to consult a doctor, it is dangerous to take it at your own discretion, so please do not put up with it. At our hospital, the receptionist and the doctor in charge are all male. You do not need a health insurance card as you will be responsible for all treatment costs (free medical care). * There are other medicines that cannot be taken with you, so please be sure to bring the medicine you are taking.

The main ED medicine in West Clinic Group


Levitra *unavailable