Information of names and treatment methods not prescribed at Shinjuku West Clinic

1 Minoxidil (oral drug)

There are two types of over-the-counter drugs on the market: a type that applies a chemical solution and an aerosol type that injects a chemical solution. As an oral drug , we do not prescribe it because it has not been approved in Japan . Topical application and injection type drugs are approved.

Minoxidil combination topical drug 5% “FCI”

2 Other drug names that are not handled by this hospital as unapproved drugs [unapproved medications in Japan]
Lists unapproved drugs that are frequently inquired. It is an unapproved drug even if it is featured in the media, summary sites, word of mouth, etc. be careful.

Stendra (ingredient name Avanafil ), Priligy, Kamagra, Kamagra Gold, Super Kamagra, Balifu, Tadaship, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Super Tadarise, Megalith, Super P Force, Tadaris SX, Billitra, Bidalista, Super Jevitra, Zenegra, Suhagra, Jevitra, Super Vidalista, Caberta, Kamagra Churiburu, Avana, Shiragura, Tadora, Sebitra, Vidalista Chewable, Forzest, Aslans, Bigora, Tadapox, Zudena, V Tada, Shirdigra Super Power, Super Fildena, Super Billitra , Super Avana, Tastilia, Zimaris, Shirogra, Vega H Cream, Zydena, Palmo Press, Exiler, Vega, Penegra, Kamagra Foaming Tablets, etc.

3 Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy [unapproved in Japan]
(Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy: LI-ESWT)
It is said that the combined use of PDE5 inhibitors is preferable, but it is for ED after radiation therapy in the first place, and an attempt to promote recovery of erectile function is made as in the case of RP. It has been. The number of papers is small, and as with RP, no conclusions have been reached regarding the effects, and it is necessary to accumulate and discuss future data. note)*

4 Vibration stimulus, low output extracorporeal shock wave [unapproved in Japan]
This is in the research stage because there is no evidence regarding the method, start time, and duration of surgical treatment for prostate cancer or rehabilitation for ED after radiation therapy. Negative pressure erection aids, corpus cavernosum injection or urethral injection of prostaglandin E1, and penile rehabilitation using oral PDE5 inhibitors have been reported, but PDE5 inhibitors are the first choice in clinical practice. It is used as. Recently, a pilot study of penile rehabilitation using new tools such as vibration stimulation, low-power extracorporeal shock wave), and bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation) has been reported. A pilot study is an early stage study exploring new methods or treatments. note)*

Note) * Source: Japanese Society of Sexual Dysfunction, Japanese Association of Urology, European Association of Urology

5 Tranquilizer (antipsychotic) / sleep inducer
We do not prescribe all major tranquilizers and minor tranquilizers. Depas, Meilax, Paxil, Mysley, Amoban, Halcyon, Rohypnol, Sainbalta, Abilify, Lynton, Lebox, etc.

Be careful of domestic disapproval

Please be careful about domestic unapproved imported medicines containing vinyl at bargain clinics. Imported drugs that have not been approved in Japan are not covered by the drug side effect relief system even if they have serious side effects. All of our prescription drugs are genuine domestic products and come in Japanese sheets or bottles. Unapproved drugs are imported drugs, placebos, and unapproved drugs

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