Self-check the hardness of the erection

What is erection hardness index EHS?

In the United States, a self-diagnostic “Erection Hardness Score (EHS)” has been proposed. This can be used to judge the grade of hardness with 5 scores from 0 to 4, and it is an easy-to-understand index as a standard for simple diagnosis and therapeutic effect of ED. Based on this US version, the Japanese version of EHS “Erectile Hardness Score” was created in 2009.

Erection hardness score (Japanese version EHS)

Grade 0: The penis does not grow.
Grade 1: The penis is large but not stiff.
Grade 2: The penis is stiff, but not enough for insertion.
Grade 3: The penis is hard enough for insertion, but not completely hard.
Grade 4: The penis is completely stiff enough.

Image of hardness by grade

Images of EHS hardness
Apply this image of hardness to your erection hardness.

Grades 1-2 may be ED.
If you can’t have sexual intercourse even with grade 3, you can say ED.
Don’t be discouraged if you can’t have sexual intercourse.
ED treatments may improve the hardness of grade 4 ticks, which are equivalent to apples.
Don’t give up and try ED treatments such as Viagra.


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