About Levitra

Levitra discontinuation notice : In October 2021, Bayer announced the discontinuation of Levitra tablets. We are regret to say that Levitra is no longer in prescription, but its generic ones are available. →please see “vardenafil tablets”

About Levitra (generic name: vardenafil hydrochloride hydrate)

Levitra is an ED treatment developed by Bayer Healthcare in Germany. In Japan, it was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as the second ED treatment after Viagra and was launched in June 2004. The mechanism of action is to suppress the action of an enzyme called PDE-5 in the corpus cavernosum penis, similar to Viagra. The etym


ology of Levitra is Latin and means “man’s life”. Levitra has few side effects, it works quickly and works for a long time, it starts to work as fast as 15 to 30 minutes after drinking, 10 mg works for 4 hours, and 20 mg works for 8 hours or more. Furthermore, it is popular because the effect does not decrease even if you eat and drink early. Levitra should be taken at least 30 minutes after being full. After eating greasy foods (tempura, yakiniku, etc.), wait about an hour before drinking. Levitra has been shown to be effective after surgery for prostate cancer and for ED due to severe diabetes and spinal cord injury, and it has also been reported to be effective for ED due to depression, resulting in improved depression. For those who have difficulty or ineffective Viagra, the high-dose Levitra 20mg is quite promising, so please give it a try. I will prescribe even one tablet. High-capacity Levitra 20mg is popular.

Levitra works well with 10mg, but high-dose Levitra 20mg works faster and stronger, so you can expect a “more reliable effect”. Since the launch of 20mg (July 2007), 20mg has received a lot of feedback when it works well, and the number of repeaters who are shifting from the conventional Levitra 10mg continues to increase. In particular, it seems that the “quick and strong effect” of 20 mg is very suitable for the Japanese temperament and needs, and the use of 20 mg has become mainstream in Japan. The popularity of high-dose Levitra 20 mg is growing at our hospital, which is more than half of the Levitra prescription.

Popular high-capacity Levitra 20mg Genuine photo

Levitra tab

Levitra sheet front

Levitra sheet front

Levitra sheet back

Levitra sheet back

The genuine product of Bayer Yakuhin Japan is 10 tablets per sheet, and Japanese is written on the back. (The previous one contained 4 tablets per sheet)

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