Difference between free medical care and insurance medical care

A self-funded medical care is the use of treatments and remedies that are not covered by health insurance. If the treatment is not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as insurance medical treatment, it will be free medical treatment and you will be responsible for the treatment cost and prescription drugs. This clinic prescribes prescription drugs approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, but it is free medical treatment because it prescribes prescription drugs that are not covered by insurance.

What is health insurance?

Refers to the Japan Health Insurance Association (Kenpo, former name: Social Insurance), union-managed health insurance (union health insurance), mutual aid association, sailor insurance, national health insurance (national health insurance), etc.

Differences between unlicensed medicines and off-label medicines

Unapproved drugs refer to unapproved drugs that are not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare . Some medicines that are not covered by insurance are approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare but are not covered by insurance. Even if clinical trials (clinical trials) have been completed overseas, some drugs can be expected to have effects that have not been approved in Japan. On the other hand, some have been confirmed to be harmful to the human body, so be careful. Most of the personally imported medicines are unapproved medicines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The only ED treatments approved in Japan are Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Sildenafil, and the only AGA treatments are Propecia, Finasteride, and Zagaro, and the others are unapproved .

Why ED treatment, ED prescription drug, AGA treatment, AGA prescription drug insurance is not applied

Treatment of ED and AGA is not included in the medical insurance coverage provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. One of the reasons is that it is not considered a life-threatening treatment. In the first place, ED treatment drugs and AGA treatment drugs are not covered by insurance, so they do not use their health insurance cards for reasons other than identification. Medical treatment and prescription drugs are decided at each clinic.

Reference information (ED, AGA)

Insurance medical institution
Refers to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that are covered by health insurance. Doctors, dentists, and pharmacists engaged in health care are those who have been registered by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (limited to insurance doctors, insurance dentists, and insurance pharmacists). As stipulated by the Health Insurance Law and the National Health Insurance Law, patients can present their health insurance card to receive a medical examination.

Free medical care
Medical care that is not covered by public medical insurance (health insurance, national health insurance, medical system for the elderly, etc.). Medical treatment that is paired with insurance medical treatment. It is a medical treatment that is performed based on an individual contract freely between the person receiving the medical treatment and the medical institution that performs the medical treatment.

Mixed practice
Under the Japanese medical system, medical treatment that is not covered by insurance benefits (free medical treatment) is not permitted in a series of medical treatments for illnesses performed by insurance medical institutions. If the same disease is treated with health insurance and free medical treatment, it is regarded as a series of treatments, and health insurance is not applied and all treatments are free medical treatment. It is not possible to claim all medical fees related to a series of medical treatments from the health insurance payment institution. A series of medical practices refers to the entire medical practices for diseases for which insurance is provided. If the illness covered by free medical treatment and the illness covered by insurance medical treatment are different, it is not considered as a series of treatments and can be performed at the same time. You can claim it.

Cost example of ED treatment and AGA treatment

● Hospital A
(insurance medical institution / insurance certificate required) Initial
consultation fee + examination fee + prescription drug cost Second and subsequent re-examination fees + other expenses + prescription drug cost ● Clinic ● Hospital B
(insurance medical institution / insurance certificate required) initial consultation fee + prescription drug Costs Second and subsequent re-examination fees + other expenses + prescription drug costs
● Our hospital, Shinjuku West Clinic, Shibuya West Clinic
(free medical care, no insurance certificate required, free consultation) Prescription drugs only {Dispensing technical fee free, pharmaceutical management fee free}

In fact, it’s a great free medical clinic
The illusion of words such as “free medical care” and “payment of medical expenses by the patient”
● Examples of items added at insurance medical institutions
1 Initial / re-examination) Re-examination fee, overtime support addition, statement issuance system addition, etc. Outpatient supervision addition, etc.
2 medication) Prescription fee, generic name prescription addition At the
dispensing pharmacy after receiving a medical examination
3 Dispensing technical fee, pharmaceutical management fee, drug fee (drug price is free because the drug price standard is not listed), specified insurance medical material If
you add 1 + 2 + 3 such as fees, even if the patient burden rate is effective, it will be more expensive than free medical care.

Obtaining ED and AGA treatments
The only method is to receive a medical examination at a hospital or clinic (medical institution) and prescribe it.
It is not sold at stores such as pharmacies or online shopping, so it cannot be purchased.

*Except for online medical treatment.
*On this page, non-insurance coverage and non-insurance coverage are treated as the same word.

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