ED without libido

Is there anyone who has had a lot of trouble with SEX since he was 50 years old? One of the causes is diminished or lost libido.

About the fantasy of libido

Surprisingly, there are many cases in which sexual desire is lost and ED occurs. Many people think that libido is an instinct, but in reality, libido is not an instinct and may disappear. “Libido is not different from appetite but has nothing to do with the life support of an individual.” Libido is also a personal, impermanent and fantastic desire that is influenced by the economy, salary, appearance and jealousy. Libido has a rather cultural aspect. It’s not a simple desire that everyone has instinct. So it’s not always there, and it’s no wonder it’s gone.

A situation in which libido diminishes or disappears at about 50 years of age may be a sign of presenile depression or menopause in a man. It’s about time for me to reach a turning point as a man in my company and family. This time of year is still in full swing, so it may be that autumn begins after summer. Adolescence is a common thing.

Even in this situation, many people think that they have sexual desire due to stereotypes and conventional habits, and there are quite a few cases where they are not aware that it has diminished or disappeared. It goes without saying that if libido declines, the erection weakens and tends to be ED. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly returning to yourself or thinking about something else and withering during the act? This often happens when you are acting without much libido from the beginning. Do you really have your own libido? Please think again. (Is it really what you want?) Even in this situation, you can expect ED treatments such as Viagra. If you have weak libido, ED remedies are not effective, but if you take it and stimulate it, an erection will occur, so you will have sexual desire later. It’s common for men to feel nasty because of an erection. Don’t give up and try ED treatments.

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