Notice About similar products of Levitra

Levitra discontinuation notice : In October 2021, Bayer announced the discontinuation of Levitra tablets. We are regret to say that Levitra is no longer in prescription, but its generic ones are available. →please see “vardenafil tablets”

You may find various kinds of similar products of Levitra. Please note that none of these products are manufactured by Bayer Ltd. of Germany and sold by Bayer Japan, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, or Bayer Holding. None of these products are Bayer products or Bayer related products. Also, even if it is listed as Levitra, Bayer does not have the following products.
*We have obtained an official response from Bayer Yakuhin regarding this content.

like the ones listed below
1 Extra Super Levitra

2 Levitra Professional

3 Levitra Plus

4 Levitra Super Active

5 Levitra (LEVITRA engraved on the surface of the tablet instead of the Bayer cross)

Also like the ones made in  India

The following is not a generic drug due to the difference in manufacturing method, so it is positioned as a “copy” made in India . Of course, it is not covered by the drug side effect relief system .

Levitra copy product name Manufacturing / sales, etc.
Balifu Ajanta Pharma
Balifu jelly Ajanta Pharma
Levisma Lekmez
Jevitra Sunrise Remedies
Jevitra jelly Sunrise Remedies
Vitara Signature
Brief & Trunks (Billitra) Centurian
Savitra Saba Medica
Savitramax Saba Medica
Super Levisma Lekmez
Super Jevitra Sunrise Remedies
Sylvitra RSM



The reality is that it is difficult to determine the authenticity of genuine and counterfeit products. Even if the outer box or packaging sheet looks genuine, it does not guarantee the quality. The ingredients of these products are also unconfirmed. Please note that unexpected health damage is expected. Counterfeit Levitra tablets can also infringe on intellectual property rights. Bringing counterfeit products into Japan is prohibited and may result in punishment.

Confirmed by Bayer Yakuhin 2018/6/21 12:43 JST
Shinjuku West Clinic Legal Delivery Date: 06/25/2018 13:48 JST
Shinjuku West Clinic Legal Postscript Delivery: 06/25/2018 15:02 JST
Shinjuku West Clinic Legal Revision: 06/26/2018 09:27 JST

Regular generic drug for Levitra tablets

We started prescribing Vardenafil Tablets 20mg /10mg (Sawai and Towa), a generic version of Levitra

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