ED episode “I was the case!”


The world’s first ED treatment Viagra was launched in Japan in 1999, and we started prescribing Viagra in 2000. At that time, Viagra prescriptions weren’t as common as they are now, and no other homepage had detailed information about Viagra prescriptions. After that, the types of ED treatments increased, and Levitra was released in Japan in June 2004 and Cialis was released in September 2007, and all three major ED treatments in the world are available. Sildenafil, a generic version of Viagra, went on sale in 2014 and has become a very popular treatment for ED due to a significant drop in price. From now on, generics of Levitra and Cialis will come out, so ED treatments will become more accessible and will become more widespread. Up to now, people aged 20 to 89 have come to our hospital, and we have prescribed ED treatments to more than 120,000 people for the first visit alone. Based on our long experience in prescribing ED treatments, this site has a wide range of specific examples of ED in the form of Q & A. I think it contains most of the questions and concerns about the symptoms of ED. There are many people who read it and think, “I was this!”, Or have the courage and hope to use an ED treatment. It’s still okay, please get a man up and do your best. I have also used ED treatments, and I feel that they work very well. Murota

“Nakaore The most common symptom of ED”

Q: I’m worried about a middle break during sexual intercourse. Therefore, my confidence as a man is wobbling. There is a morning rush and masturbation is okay, but if there is a partner, it breaks in the middle and I do not know the cause. Is this also an ED? Does Viagra work for these symptoms?

A: Most of the ED symptoms (90%) are folds that occur during this erection. This case is a typical psychogenic ED symptom that masturbation is OK and practice is NG. Once you experience a middle fold, you always have anxiety about recurrence at the bottom of your heart, and there is a tendency for it to become more likely to break. Those who become ED have more delicate nerves, and it can be said that it is easy to fall into this muddy swamp state. But it’s okay, ED treatments such as Viagra are very effective for this. ED treatments act directly on the corpus cavernosum penis, so they erect before worry. This is where ED treatments are reliable and why they are so popular. Middle folds are a common symptomatology of psychogenic ED and are caused by stress, a sense of duty, memories of past failures, and impatience pressure. Also, if it doesn’t work, worrying about what to do is the worst thing to do, but ED treatments will be a strong ally.

“Condom ED”

Q: When I try to put on a condom, it withers. Is this also ED?

A: This is a symptom that can be called “condom ED” by self-suggestion. I had withered when I put on my condom myself, and when I was worried about it again, it recurred, so I thought that it would wither. ED treatments work well, so be confident and get out of self-suggestion.

“Tension type ED” “Young ED” Mostly young people in their 20s.

Q: In my early twenties, when I failed in my first experience and the next time I came, I was nervous and never got up. I’m impatient and sick, and I’m sadly shrunk. I always make mistakes, and on the way home, I’m in a bing, so I want to start crying. I’ve never been able to insert it and I’m still a virgin, can’t I do it for the rest of my life? When I think I’m so young, I feel desperate and want to die.

A: All right, that’s a common symptom. “Tension type ED”, which is common among young people, especially in their twenties, can be called “young ED”. Rest assured that ED remedies work well for this as well. Your tomorrow is bright.

“Shyness ED”

Q: Even though I’m in my twenties, I just can’t get up when I’m the first person.

A: It’s close to the above problem, but it’s a state of “shyness ED”. It is a self-suggestion that it is useless if it is the first time. ED treatments will be a good breakthrough.

“Set-up ED”

Q: I have an erection during foreplay, but when it comes to it, it withers. That makes me anxious about spending time on foreplay, and I try to put it in immediately, so the other party hates me.

A: There are many ways to wither. It is a symptomatism such as “set-up ED”. In front of a delicious set table … Unfortunately, it’s down. This is a type that has a short erection sustainability and a quick middle fold. ED treatments also solve this because erections are more likely to persist. Please give enough foreplay with plenty of time.

“For sexless couples in separate bedrooms”

Q: I am 51 years old, and I am an envious couple (wife 50 years old), but I have been sexless for more than 10 years. Since I had a child I don’t have any particular complaints and I think it’s okay if I don’t have both of them, but sometimes I think that my wife really wants to do it. (Middle-aged sweat …) But when it comes to reality, I can’t help myself, and even the occasional masturbation doesn’t make me stiff enough, so I’m not completely confident when it comes to an erection in actual battle. I don’t feel like that if I try to make a mistake in such a situation. Are ED treatments effective in these situations?

A: It’s okay if you have sexual desire, it’s probably no problem. If you take an ED remedy and get a good erection, try putting a night owl in your wife’s bedroom. ED remedies will have a reliable effect. You may be able to get along more and more with the nostalgia of those days when you were surprisingly fresh and young. Try unmarried sexless couples as well.

“I’m very worried about my maiden on my old marriage trip.”

Q: I’m 66 years old. The children gave me money and I decided to go on an old marriage trip with my old wife (63 years old). I’m alone in a week’s trip, so I feel bad for my wife if I don’t do it at night, but I’ve been sexless for more than 10 years, so I’m not confident at all. With that in mind, the trip is a bit daunting and somewhat depressing. Is it okay in this situation?

A: Even in such a case, the medicine works well, so there should be no problem. Think of it as a dry run, and try taking an ED treatment by yourself for the time being. You can feel the stuff in your crotch, so you can feel confident and confident. Please enjoy your old marriage trip as much as you did during your honeymoon.

“Return to active duty after a long absence”

Q: I’m 74 years old. I haven’t had sex for a long time before my wife 15 years ago, but those who have recently become friends (late 60s) are very active in sex. Finally, I decided to go on a trip together and had to work hard. I masturbate occasionally (it has a fairly solid erection) and I have never been to customs, so I do not actually use it at all. I’m not confident, so I’d like to use Viagra. Is it okay to drink Viagra even at this age?

A: All right. Many people in their 70s come to our hospital. This is probably due to the spread of the Internet. You can use ED remedies with confidence if you are in your 70s or 80s and are healthy. Please enjoy the second youth to your heart’s content!

“Dog pee type ED”

Q: When I was 49 years old, I loved customs since I was young, and even after getting married, I always go to soaps in the area when I have a business trip. I sometimes procure it until the morning overseas, but about half a year ago, when it came to Isa, it began to wither. I paid for it, but I couldn’t do anything and I was disappointed. (I can manage with my wife) Since I got married, I have never had a relationship with an amateur woman other than my wife, is this a man’s operation? I thought it was and lived modestly. (Maybe the woman has no connection, or she just doesn’t have it …) Is this also an ED?

A: Many men have experience in going far and diverging. In your case, are you still as sexually active as you were when you were young and rushing into the genre that you really want to do? Isn’t the dog going to pee outside just because he came far away without the excitement of libido? Even though I don’t really want to, if I go out to make a little footprint in my habit, I may get ED because I have no motivation. It can be called a “dog pee type ED”.
Such annoyance? Will also be solved with ED treatments.

“Only my wife ED”

Q: I have no problem outside, but my wife doesn’t. It seems bad for my wife and I want to do something about it.

A: This is also a lot of trouble. Many of the patients who come to our hospital have the problem that only this wife does not get angry. There may be various causes, but I’m afraid that I can’t help but get rid of it (atonement?) Or there will be strong pressure to find out about the outside world. That puts us in a situation where we can’t get any better. This is also solved with an ED treatment drug. Let’s make your wife happy. There are many symptoms that my wife no longer has an erection even though she hasn’t had any affairs. It seems that you may think that you may get angry outside, but this is also OK with ED treatment.

“Madam’s curse type ED”

Q: I’m in my 50s. On the way back from my company trip, I had a unique opportunity to have an affair, but it didn’t work. My wife can get an erection and have sexual intercourse without any problems … I’m frustrated and frustrated, can’t I have an affair for the rest of my life?

A: Hmm, you missed a regrettable opportunity. This is the opposite of the above Q & A. It’s a rare type, a symptomatism that can be called “wife’s curse type ED”, and if you miss this, you’re losing the pressure that you’ll never have it again. Well, this could have been cleared if I took the ED treatment one hour ago.

“Single assignment ED”

Q: I am in my late 40s and am working alone. When I came back, I tried to do it with my wife for a long time, but for some reason I didn’t get an erection and was in a hurry. Even if an erection occurs, it does not immediately wither and continue. I don’t have a mistress at my new post …

A: There are many consultations, and it can be said that it is a “single assignment ED”. I don’t think there is any problem with masturbation. Long blanks often make it impossible. That is the pattern of further withering with shock. If you don’t get up here, you may suspect that you are doing something over there, and the pressure will suddenly increase, which will accelerate your ED. ED treatments are also very effective for this. Now you won’t be suspected by your wife. This single assignment ED is more common among people in their late 40s to 50s.

“Retirement ED”

Q: At the age of 61, I’ve had a hard time working. I will continue to do my best for the company and for my family. I didn’t have much time as it was, so when I reached retirement age, I thought I could do as much as I wanted to do every day and enjoy my life freely. However, perhaps because I had no hobbies in the first place, I didn’t really want to do anything, and every day was boring and the sun went down. My wife seems to be annoyed that she stays at home every day, and she often goes out to her friends during the day with almost no partner. My work network disappears at retirement age and I have nowhere to go. Life like this If I was depressed when I was too far from the retirement age I had dreamed of, the night would be completely useless. I wonder if that person is also retired …

A: Somehow, it seems that empty nest syndrome (which loses its purpose and turns blue) is also mixed, but it is lonely to lose human work. Even if you have enough time and money to retire, there are many people who are disappointed at once because it is not worth the effort. It is a “retirement ED” that is common in the early 60s after retirement.
It is a turning point in a man’s life, which is a painful retirement age, that he has nothing to do or want to do even if he thinks he has to do something. “Tsurezuregusa” is a boring and innocent thing, and the “Tsurezuregusa” Kenko Yoshida who positively made it good was also a master of time, but ordinary people can not easily see it so far. At retirement age, you suddenly don’t have to do anything, so no one can get used to it right away. I think I’m lethargic and my libido is declining, but those days when I was fine with ED treatment will be revived a little. Please do your best at night, thinking that this is also worthwhile, the man’s retirement is still more.

“Junjou ED”

Q: I’m in my mid-30s. I love my wife very much, but I started to wither during sexual intercourse. Foreplay is a proof of love, so I try to spend enough time with care, but during this time I sometimes wither and get impatient. This makes my love seem to have failed and I am deeply worried. It’s very painful for me as if I didn’t love my wife. But I’m reluctant to rely on medicine. I’d like to cure myself somehow …

A: This is a symptom that can be called “pure ED” or “attentive ED”. I think he is a very naive and attentive person, but do you have the stereotype that “erection power = power to love”? It doesn’t matter. You may not think of it, but many men have an erection on a woman they don’t love outside. Some prostitutes can meet a stranger woman for the first time at a hotel and become connected in just five minutes, and some dads travel to Southeast Asia for that. Love and sex are not always the same. It’s your misunderstanding that you think that love is broken. It’s not because love is weak, but it’s just a symptom of ED. I think that the correct answer here is to be pure and honest even if you use an ED treatment drug. Innocence will come later.

“Guutara ED”

Q: My wife’s mouth and hands can erection and ejaculate without any problems, but my vagina withers on the way …

A: That is “Guutara ED”. I don’t want to have sex until I shake my hips, but if I enjoy the service, I can say that it’s okay, “Guuta ED”. It is also called a lord type or a male tuna. Of course, you can expect ED treatments, but before that, your motivation is important.

“Ovulation day ED”

Q: My wife is having a hard time getting pregnant. If you try to do your best on the day of ovulation, you will not get angry only at that time.

A: The desire to have a successful pregnancy is due to the increased pressure on the day of ovulation. This is solved with an ED treatment. It does not affect the foetation, so please take it with confidence. Many people come to our hospital for the second person because one person was able to do it with the ED treatment drug.

“Birth sighting ED”

Q: I haven’t had an erection since I witnessed Kami’s childbirth. The situation where the baby comes out from there sticks to my head and I can’t leave it anymore.

A: When I was a medical student, I was shocked when I witnessed childbirth during my obstetrics and gynecology training. It was about a week, but I lost all my libido and became impotent. Obstetrics and gynecology doctors are present on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean they will be ED for the rest of their lives. It’s temporary and time is settled. If it lasts for a long time, use an ED remedy to recover quickly.

“You can’t go on a trip”

Q: I didn’t get up at home, so when I went on a trip with my wife, I was shocked that I couldn’t go on a trip. In the old days, when I went on a trip, my wife often got upset, but I’m wondering if it’s the limit as a man. 54 years old, self-employed

A: The ED directly hits the psychology of being chilled while expecting to get rid of it if the place is changed. However, this is also an ED remedy and a man gets angry anywhere.

“Cowgirl ED”

Q: It’s okay if you’re in the doggy style or missionary position, but if you’re in the cowgirl position, it will wither. It continued four times and I became completely unconfident. I’ve heard that the woman on top posture tends to wither because the blood in the penis goes down and escapes due to gravity. Is this also ED?

A: This is a psychogenic ED, and it strongly suggests that it withers in the cowgirl position. It has nothing to do with medically that blood is sick at the woman on top posture. With ED treatments, you will get an erection regardless of your position, so let’s break through the wall of self-suggestion.

“I’m afraid of long holidays”

Q: I am in my thirties and have no children. I’ve been ED for about a year and I’m very scared of long holidays and traveling with my wife. I usually avoid it because I’m tired from work, but I’m worried that I can’t avoid doing it during long holidays.

A: It will be resolved immediately with an ED treatment drug. Don’t be afraid to call yourself Bokkin.

“Virgin who never wants to fail”

Q: I’m still a virgin in my early twenties, but I’m worried about my failure at the beginning with her. Just imagining it seems to be useless. I would like to use Viagra, so please prescribe it.

A: Well, hitting Ishibashi and crossing …
I feel like I’m too worried about the recent information overload and the failure of interpersonal relationships peculiar to young people, but if you’re so worried, use it. Viagra is not a problem to drink.

“Daughter is lost ED”

Q: My daughter (18 years old), who has been very familiar with me since I was little, became a runaway woman and almost never returned home. Even when I come back from time to time, I smoke at home and spit out dirty words such as “Uze”, “Rusee”, and “Zakennaa” from my red-black lips like thorns. I was shocked because I used to be a naive child, and while I was mentally depressed, it was totally useless … I have lost all my confidence as a father and a husband. I don’t know how to live. 51 years old self-employed

A: Ugh, I remembered the badly acidic saliva from the movie “Alien,” which melts iron when it’s applied. That’s a great deal of emotional shock. I think he’s a naive dad, but I think any man will get ED if that happens. At the very least, let’s regain confidence as a husband with ED treatment. It looks pretty painful, but please do your best.

“ED due to diabetes and high blood pressure”

Q: I have been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for 5 years.
Recently, my erection has become very bad.

A: Both are diseases that cause great damage to blood vessels. Also, some antihypertensive drugs have side effects that cause ED. In addition, these underlying disorders make the corpus cavernosum brittle and prone to organic (physical) ED. Organic ED has more severe symptoms than psychogenic ED, and the erection power is weakened even if you masturbate without morning erection. .. ED treatments are also effective for ED due to diabetes and high blood pressure. If the symptoms are severe, Levitra and Cialis with a high dose of 20 mg are recommended.

“ED with depression”

Q: I am treating depression. Libido is diminished and there is almost no erection.

A: Depression itself is the cause of ED. No one wants to have sexual intercourse even though they are depressed in a blue and dark mood. Some therapeutic agents (antidepressants) have side effects that cause ED. Even in such cases, ED remedies are effective, so please use them while taking antidepressants.

“ED due to male menopause”

Q: From around the age of 47, I became irritated and my appetite became uneven, my sexual desire became weaker, and my husband and wife’s life became troublesome and my erection did not continue as I expected. I often wake up many times in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, and the stress at work never leaves me. My wife says it’s a man’s menopause. The other day, when I consulted with a mental clinic, I was told that it was not depression but male menopause, and I was prescribed Chinese herbal medicine and sleeping pills. I’m feeling better, but the erection doesn’t recover anymore. Will Viagra work even in this situation?

A: The onset of male menopause is exactly the same as the age when ED occurs frequently (mid-40s to mid-50s), and it can be said that it is a man’s adolescent period. Menopause is not yet recognized as much as women’s menopause, but it seems that Europe and the United States are already actively working on hormone therapy. Even in such a state, ED remedies such as Viagra work well, so please try it.

“Tobacco ED” The scary relationship between tobacco and ED

Q: In my early 50s, I am a heavy smoker with 4 packs of cigarettes a day.
Recently, I haven’t been able to get up at home, so I went to soap to see if I could change the environment. The professional caress was pleasant, and my son immediately binged after a long time, but when I rushed in, my energy was broken as usual, so I had no choice but to take a break. While smoking with Miss Soap, I was impatient to revive, but the more I smoked, the more my son shrank, and the rest was completely useless. After smoking a lot of cigarettes and taking a rest, I managed to ejaculate with the handjob of Miss Soap and the first volume was finished. The erection at that time also has no core and it is ejaculation in a fluffy state even with a handjob. I’m at a loss what to do from now on.

A: That is “Tobacco ED”. Tobacco is the enemy of ED. The penis is made up of complex blood vessels that can be said to be made up of blood vessels. Especially in the case of heavy smokers, high doses of nicotine continue to cause chronic damage to blood vessels and promote ED. That is supported by the fact that more than 80% of EDs are smokers. Nicotine has the effect of constricting blood vessels, and ED treatments are often less effective with cigarettes. Cigarettes deflate the erection. To cure ED, stop smoking first.


The website of our hospital, which I started as for fun, was the first to open the site in 1998, and it has already been more than 21 years. It was quite early in 1999 that I started receiving questions and consultations from HP. At that time, constant connection was not common yet, but it seems that many people were surprised by the quick response emails from our hospital. The flow of the Internet is fast, and there are times when we can barely keep up. After reading this page, I often get the impression that I was struck by my hope, but I am encouraged by the medical treatment. Shinjuku West Clinic will continue to be “now” with you along with the Internet. To get men up.  Dr. Murota wrote


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