About Minoxidil (for internal use)

There are doctors (medical institutions) who prescribe minoxidil tablets in dermatology, plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery), and urology (ED, AGA outpatient department). Minoxidil tablets as a prescription oral drug are unapproved and not approved in Japan . * There are approved drugs for external use. It is only approved worldwide as an antihypertensive drug, not as a hair growth agent. Although it is possible for a doctor to import for treatment with a drug supervision certificate, it is necessary to confirm the economic background as it is prescribed under the full responsibility of the importing doctor. Even if you die or have serious side effects due to oral administration of the unapproved drug minoxidil, you will not be able to receive the national phytotoxicity relief system.

*There are external medicines that are applied to the skin and internal medicines that are taken by mouth. Minoxidil’s “Ointment” is approved in Japan and is marketed because it is classified as a first-class drug.

*West Clinic started prescribing topical drugs containing minoxidil . From October 1, 2019

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