Name of ED medicine Amount Price (Tax Included)
Viagra 25mg 1300Yen Famous medicine worldwide
Viagra 50mg 1800Yen Famous medicine worldwide
Viagra OD Film 25mg 650Yen dissolve on the tongue
Viagra OD Film 50mg 1300Yen dissolve on the tongue
Sildenafil 25mg 390Yen and up Viagra generic
Sildenafil 50mg 770Yen and up Viagra generic
Levitra 10mg 1450Yen Immediate effect and strength
Levitra 20mg 1750Yen Immediate effect and strength
Vardenafil 10mg 1200Yen Levitra Generic
Vardenafil 20mg 1300Yen Levitra Generic
Cialis 10mg 1500Yen Lasts for 24hrs
Cialis 20mg 1650Yen Lasts for 36hrs
Tadalafil 10mg 800Yen and up Cialis Generic
Tadalafil 20mg 900Yen and up Cialis Generic

Viagra 100mg is not available in Japan.
No charge for the medical examination.
All you have to pay is for the prescription. As of 09/30/2022