Classification of ED

Three types and causes of ED

ED is an abbreviation for “Erectile Dysfunction” in English and means “erectile dysfunction” or “erection disorder”. In olden times it was called impotence. The definition of ED is “a condition in which a satisfactory sexual intercourse cannot be achieved due to insufficient erection and maintenance during sexual intercourse.” The types and causes of ED are as follows.

1) Psychogenic ED (functional ED) Caused by excessive tension, misalignment of marital relationships, memory of failure, stress, etc.

The most common pattern of ED is this psychogenicity. A typical characteristic of psychogenic ED is that it erects in the morning and masturbates, but it becomes useless if there is a partner. Has a profound effect. Many couples are sexless with such ED. This is also the case when you are dragging the experience of failing the first sexual intercourse, failing after a blank that did not lengthen the sexual intercourse, and although there was no problem as it is, it suddenly became unsuccessful after failing once. It is a common symptom that you do not get erectile dysfunction due to excessive tension, break during sexual intercourse, or wither when you put on a condom, and the reality is that the thing itself is not bad but mentally ED. After retirement, it may happen that you lose the great reward of work, or that you have diminished libido due to menopause. You don’t have to give up on these either. ED treatments such as Levitra work best for psychogenic ED.

2) Organic ED Hypertension, diabetes, androgen lowering, aging, after prostate surgery, lower body paralysis, depression, etc.

This is a case where the erection itself is physically damaged due to damage to blood vessels or nerves or trauma to the penis. This eliminates morning erections and makes erections difficult even with masturbation. It can also be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, low androgen levels, aging, post-prostate surgery, lower body paralysis, depression, and side effects of antidepressants. Since ED treatments such as Levitra act directly on the corpus cavernosum, ED treatments can be expected for these as well. As long as there are things, it’s well worth trying.

3) Mixed ED

It occurs when the above psychogenic and organic properties are intertwined. In this case as well, ED treatments such as Levitra are effective.

Specific examples of ED are »ED episode ” I was this case! ”


What is the happiness of people with the pain of ED
and premature ejaculation?

The words of Dr.M

I think the essence of worries is that ED and premature ejaculation are painful because they cannot satisfy the other party. Some people may be selfish because they don’t enjoy themselves enough, but human beings can’t be happy if they feel good. I think I’m happy because the other person is happy, not just sex.


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