FAQ about ED treatment

The following ED treatments are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

Is it okay to drink with alcohol?
Concomitant use with alcohol is not contraindicated. However, large amounts of alcohol weaken your erectile dysfunction, so take only ED medications until you feel confident. If you feel confident, you can drink it with alcohol.

Do I need a health insurance card?
No insurance card is required. ED treatments are not covered by insurance. Since the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare does not approve it, there is no drug price standard for ED treatment drugs. You don’t need a health insurance card because it is a drug that is not covered by insurance. If there is a facility that prescribes ED treatments with insurance, that is not possible as common sense in correct medical care.

Do prescribing clinic doctors also have experience with ED treatments?
I have experience in using it. I don’t prescribe anything that doesn’t work for me. I have already experienced that ED treatments work well, so please ask me anything.

I’m taking various other medicines, is that okay?
It is safe unless used in combination with the heart drug nitroglycerin. Those who use this nitroglycerin are very rare. It is widely misunderstood that ED treatments are not heart-damaging drugs.

What are the side effects?
There is a lot of warmth in the face when it starts to work after drinking, but this is due to the vasodilatory effect of the ED treatment drug, which is similar to the hot and reddish face when drinking alcohol. We have never had any major side effects. Others include headache, diarrhea, and mild color blindness, but they are temporary. I think this can be prevented by taking it with a headache medicine or an intestinal regulator.

Are ED treatments bad for the heart?
ED treatments do not affect the heart. The only problem is the combination with the heart disease drug nitroglycerin. (Dangerous because blood pressure drops too low) Viagra was originally discovered to have an erectile effect during development as a heart medicine.

Is water good when drinking? Is it hot water?
Anything is fine. The effect is the same. For reference, there was a patient who said that chewing and drinking would work faster.

Are ED treatments addictive?
It’s not addictive at all and you can take it every day. ED treatments can be said to be lifestyle-improving drugs that improve QOL (quality of life).

The ED treatment kept my erection, but I couldn’t ejaculate. Is it because of the medicine?
ED treatments have no effect on sexual feeling. It just you didn’t realize that you couldn’t ejaculate because I was deflating with ED. I think that if you are no longer in the ED state, your sexual feeling will gradually recover and you will be able to ejaculate.

Will ED worsen if I start taking ED medications and stop?
There is no such thing, so please use it with confidence. On the contrary, I feel confident and sometimes I don’t need an ED treatment.

Will it stay erected while the ED treatment is working?
Rather than staying erected, it erections when stimulated and is normal without stimulation. It’s very easy to get an erection and it’s easy to sustain, but don’t worry, it won’t stay erected. This natural erectile dysfunction is also a feature of ED treatments. Many patients are very pleased, saying, “It’s like I returned when I was young!”

Does it affect your pregnancy?
Pregnancy with an ED drug has no effect on the foetation. It is even used for fertility treatment. Many people have already made the first person with our prescription and come for the second person.

I am being treated for high blood pressure. Can I take an ED drug?
High blood pressure during treatment is not a problem, but there are some caveats.
ED treatments have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Therefore, antihypertensive drugs are cautionary drugs in combination with ED treatment drugs. (Drugs that require caution when taken together) As blood pressure drops, some symptoms of hypotension may be accompanied by light-headedness and dizziness.

I have diabetes, can ED treatments work?
Even people with diabetes want to re-prescribe, and many repeaters are coming. There is no problem in combination with diabetes medicine. If you have diabetes, the drug may not work well, in which case you should use a high dose.

Since I live in a rural area, can you somehow prescribe an ED treatment by phone or email?
You can get medications by our telemedicine system temporarily for the spread of covid-19, but it may change. Basically, you cannot prescribe unless you come to the hospital. Please come to the hospital at your convenience. Please contact us as you can prescribe more. Many people come to our hospital from afar. After that, you can use the remote medical care system.

Do I get an erection without doing anything if I take an ED drug?
The basic action is to get an erection when stimulated, so when it starts to work, stimulate the penis. You won’t get an erection without sexual stimulation. It doesn’t mean that you get an erection and stay erected without doing anything.

Do you continue to take ED medications every day?
Use only when having sex. It’s easy to get an erection if you take it without having sex, but it’s a waste if you take it without having sex.

Will you take off your pants at the medical examination?
The ED doesn’t know anything when you take off your pants, so you don’t have to. The medical examination is only an interview.

Is it effective even if I don’t have libido?
If you do not have libido, the effect may decrease. On the contrary, it will be very effective if you feel sexual desire in the other party.

Is there a female nurse in the examination room?
There is only one male doctor in the examination room. Please feel free to contact us for anything without being shy.

Is there a need for a close inspection?
Since insurance does not work for ED treatment drugs, it seems that it may not be profitable if you do not carry out many tests at your own expense at facilities that provide medical insurance. We have been prescribing Viagra since 2000, but we have never had any troubles due to taking ED treatments such as Viagra. If a doctor asks questions about the indications of the drug and explains the precautions for using the ED treatment drug and prescribes it, I think that a detailed examination that costs tens of thousands of yen is not particularly necessary.

If it doesn’t work, can I just add it and take it?
Please do not drink more and wait at least 24 hours next time. Some people say that it worked well from the third time, so please try it several times.

How long does the medical examination take?
Medical treatment is about 5 minutes.
If you come to Shinjuku, please feel free to visit us. We also provide medical care on weekends and public holidays. If you are in the Shibuya area, please come to Shibuya West Clinic .

Does the use of ED treatments increase libido?
ED treatments are drugs that act on the corpus cavernosum penis and do not increase libido, but clinical statistics show that 15% of them have increased libido. It is believed that this is due to the excitement of taking an ED drug, but it may have some of that effect.

I have a spinal cord injury, can I expect any effect?
ED treatments are drugs that act directly on the corpus cavernosum. Therefore, even if there is a spinal cord injury, it is highly possible that it will work. Many people come to our hospital for re-prescription in wheelchairs. Please try by all means try.

What is the mechanism by which ED treatments work?
ED treatments are PDE-5 inhibitors. This is the action of inhibiting (disturbing) PDE-5, an enzyme in the corpus cavernosum that causes erections to wither. Therefore, it is the erection-sustaining effect of ED treatment drugs that the erection is sustained.

When personal imports are often counterfeit, are they safe?
The number of personal imports is increasing in large numbers. Even those who have not been effective with personal imports are advised to try domestic genuine ED treatments. As a result of a joint analysis of personally imported ED treatments by four pharmaceutical companies that provide ED treatments such as Pfizer Japan, it is reported that about 55.4% were fake. Originally, ED treatments such as Viagra require a doctor’s prescription, so I think it is risky to obtain and take them by private import. The story is a little different, but there are the same Western music CDs as the imported and Japanese CDs. Since the jacket is the same and the data is digital, it can be said that the contents are exactly the same. The only difference is the Japanese obi. However, there are people who absolutely dislike it unless it is a Japanese version. Of course, there are many people who prefer either one or a cheap import board. When it comes to Viagra, which is a drug and requires a doctor’s prescription, there is a great need for those who absolutely dislike it unless it is genuine Pfizer Japan.

Can you prescribe it under a pseudonym?
No ID is required for prescription. However, if you make a medical record with a pseudonym and then forget the name, you will not be able to find it even if you search for the medical record when re-prescribing. Considering re-prescription, I think it’s better to have a real name that you will never forget. In the case of our hospital, the initial examination fee is free even if you go from the second examination to the first examination, so there is no particular burden on the patient, but you will have to make a medical record and examination ticket from the beginning again. It seems that most people are examined under their real names. Please be assured that no other medical information will be leaked. (Some of them may have pseudonyms, but the current situation is that they cannot be confirmed.)

Is it possible that ED treatments do not work?
There are not so many cases in our hospital that it has not worked at all. I think that ED treatment drugs are effective in some way, but any drug may not be effective in terms of constitution. Please do not give it up and try it about 5 times. If it still doesn’t work, I think it doesn’t work constitutionally. In such cases, we will refer you to an appropriate facility that treats erectile dysfunction other than ED treatments.

I don’t want my partner to know that I’m using an ED treatment.
If you take it out of the sheet, put it in another container and drink it, you will not notice it. I think there are many people who do that.

How should I save it?
You can leave it as it is, but you can take it out and store it at room temperature. If you put it in your wallet, you may always be a reliable helper.

How long is the expiration date?
Viagra prescribed at this hospital is valid for 5 years. Levitra(discontinued. generic medicine available) and Cialis are also valid for 2-3 years.
Since we prescribe it every day, we always have a sufficient amount of the latest ED treatments in stock.



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