What is ED

ED is an abbreviation for ” Erectile Dysfunction “means ” erectile dysfunction ” or ” erection disorder “. The definition of ED is “a condition in which a satisfactory sexual intercourse cannot be achieved due to insufficient erection and maintenance during sexual intercourse . ” ED (erectile dysfunction) is classified into the following three types .

1) Psychogenic ED (functional ED) Causes include excessive tension, marital misalignment, memory of failure, and stress. There is a morning rush, and it is a feature that you can masturbate without problems.
2) Organic ED Caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, low androgen, aging, post-prostate surgery, lower body paralysis, depression, etc., these are characterized by no morning rash and masturbation does not work.
3) Mixed ED It is a type that occurs when the above psychogenic ED (functional ED) and organic ED are intertwined. There are various tendencies in this, so please refer to ” Forefront of overcoming ED- gasoline for libido, engine for energy-Reiwa version ” for details .


ED treatments such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Sildenafil, and Tadalafil improve these ED symptoms.