Levitra discontinuation notice : In October 2021, Bayer announced the discontinuation of Levitra tablets. We are regret to say that Levitra is no longer in prescription, but its generic ones are available. →please see “vardenafil tablets”

Prescription for Levitra

Levitra Nippon Bayer Yakuhin Genuine
Levitra has an immediate effect, and a high dose of 20 mg has a strong and reliable effect. Levitra has the highest prescription amount in Japan in Shinjuku. If you have any medications you are taking, please write down the name of the medication or bring your medication.

10mg 1,450 yen (tax included) 20mg 1,750 yen (tax included)
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approved drug / drug price standard unlisted package insert

Levitra 10mg is equivalent to Viagra 50mg. A visit is required to prescribe Levitra. Prescriptions cannot be made by email or phone. If you have any medications you are taking, please write down the name of the medication or bring your medication.

Levitra is the second ED treatment in Japan

Levitra was developed in Germany and was launched domestically by Bayer Japan in 2004. It is the second ED treatment drug in Japan, and at the time of its launch, it was only up to 10 mg, but after that, 20 mg was released, and it is a popular ED treatment drug that has a strong effect.

Ingredients and effects of Levitra

The ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil. Valdefyl is called a PDE-5 (5-phosphodiesterase) inhibitor. When the enzyme PDE-5 (5-phosphodiesterase) increases in the blood vessels, the erection state diminishes, but Levitra has the effect of interfering with the action of this enzyme, which helps Levitra to sustain the erection. It is. Other ED treatments, Viagra and Cialis, are PDE-5 inhibitors like Levitra, but Levitra (Vardenafil) is characterized by its faster effect than other ED treatments.

Features of Levitra

Compared to Viagra, Levitra is popular because it has fewer side effects, works faster and is less susceptible to dietary effects. High-dose 20mg is an ED treatment drug that Japanese people like because of its immediate effect and stronger action. Levitra has also been shown to be effective in ED after diabetes, hypertension, depression, prostate surgery and aging.

Levitra action time

Levitra 10mg starts to work in about 15 to 30 minutes and works for more than 4 hours. (Viagra 50mg also takes about 4 hours) High-dose Levitra 20mg works even longer for more than 8 hours.

Remaining erected with Levitra? What is alcohol? Are you full?

Levitra has the effect of erecting when stimulated, so when the stimulation disappears, it does not return to its original state and remain erected. Some drinking is fine. (However, the effect of Levitra may or may not decrease in the state of deep drinking.) The effect decreases when you are full, so please take it after 30 minutes or more after eating. Levitra is not an aphrodisiac or a libido enhancer. Levitra is not an aphrodisiac or libido enhancer and may not work well without any libido. Even if you take it, you will not get an erection without sexual stimulation. An erection occurs only after receiving sexual stimulation, and the erection subsides when there is no sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation can be visual or tactile. This also applies to other ED treatments, Viagra and Cialis.

Levitra dosing interval

Once you take Levitra, you can take the next one after 24 hours. (Do not take twice on the same day) This is the same for other ED treatments. You can take it every day as long as you have 24 hours free.

Side effects of Levitra

Hot face, stuffy nose, chest tightness, headache, palpitation, color vision deficiency (things look blue or dazzle) Almost the same as Viagra, but with mild and temporary side effects. If you always have headaches with Levitra, you may want to use it with over-the-counter headache medications (such as bufferin).

Compared to Viagra

Levitra works quickly, and the high dose of 20mg is popular for its strong effect. The shape of the tablet is small and the color is orange, which seems to be quite different from the well-known Viagra (large blue).

Popular high-dose Levitra 20mg genuine photo

Levitra sheet front

Levitra sheet back

The genuine product of Bayer Yakuhin Japan has 10 tablets per sheet in Japanese on the back

Levitra 20 mg tablets

In case Levitra does not work well even with a high dose of 20 mg

For those who have difficulty with Levitra, there is a way to help with Cialis. It can be very effective to take Cialis for 36 hours the day before and then take Levitra 20 mg 24 hours after Cialis is still effective. If you don’t like Levitra’s effect, try this method.

Comparison of the three major ED treatments Viagra, Levitra and Cialis

Concomitant caution drug

Since there are many concomitant medications and contraindicated medications for Levitra, it is very dangerous to easily take ED treatments such as Levitra that are not imported by individuals or prescribed by a doctor given by another person. Click here for details .

If you have any medications you are taking

If you have any medications you are taking, please write down the name of the medication or bring your medication. Find out if it is safe and safe to use with Levitra.
*Levitra 10 mg is sildenafil 50 mg, and Levitra 20 mg is sildenafil 100 mg (2 tablets of 50 mg), which are almost the same efficacy.

Generic drug for Levitra tablets

We started prescribing Vardenafil Tablets 20mg /10mg (Sawai and Towa), a generic version of Levitra

Similar products of Levitra

Bayer products are the only Levitra approved in Japan. Please note that all Levitra generics except for vardenafil tablets 20mg /10mg (Sawai and Towa) are unapproved drugs.

Details of counterfeit products of Levitra


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