Combined use of Arovix solution (carpronium chloride 5%) and Propecia is also effective

Arovix solution (carpronium chloride topical solution 5% “CH”) is a medical application hair loss treatment containing 5% carpronium chloride. It improves blood circulation in the hair roots and promotes hair growth. Apply an appropriate amount to the scalp and massage lightly. After a while, the scalp becomes fluffy and sweaty, so you can feel the blood circulation promoting effect.



Arovix solution has been shown to improve alopecia by 56%, and a synergistic effect can be expected when used in combination with Propecia. Try using it about once a day. (Approximately 1 to 2 bottles a month) Carpronium chloride is also contained in commercially available Karoyan, but the concentration is 1 to 2%, so 5% Arovix solution is more advantageous. Alovix solution is a drug that requires a doctor’s prescription and cannot be purchased at pharmacies.

Approval number 22100AMX01134000
NHI price listing September 2009
Launched October 1987
NHI price standard listed drug code 2679701Q1063

Package insert

From August 17, 2020, the name of Carpronium Chloride Topical Solution 5% will be changed to “CH”. Please note that it may take some time to deliver the changed product depending on the distribution status of the product.

Old New
Brand name Arovix topical solution 5% Carpronium chloride topical solution 5% “CH”
Drug price standard listed drug code 2679701Q1063 2679701Q1080
Individual drug code 2679701Q1063 2679701Q1080
Receipt computer processing code 620666701 620666705
JAN code 4987792276126 4987792102494
HOT code 106668070101 10666780070201
GS1 code sales packaging unit 30mL x 14987792276123 14987792102491
GS1 Code Dispensing Packaging Unit 30mL 04987792929989 04987792720267